Full Length Scripts and Productions

Scripts and Productions

Shadow Hour

A courtroom drama for eight women and four men, on a unit set. United States Senator Adam Martin is on trial. A young woman who worked in his office has accused of sexual assault. As the jury debates the evidence, flashbacks to the trial show how each jury member filters the testimony through his or her personal perception. Flashbacks to events show how witnesses have also interpreted what they saw and heard.

The Animal Within

Finalist 2012 Reva Shiner Comedy Award
Semi-Finalist 2012 Firehouse Theatre Festival of New American Plays

A comedy for two women and one man on a single set. Wealthy socialite Sylvia Argus hires a sexy young girl as a live-in housekeeper, which awakens her long-repressed attraction to women. Her husband thinks the girl will disrupt their marriage. Boy, does she ever!

Stage Plays

Unheard Voices

Unheard Voices is a series of monologue plays based on women from history whose stories have not been told. Each is 20 to 25 minutes long and suitable for Women’s History Month events and Fringe Festivals as well as college and high school theatre productions. Each monologue can be performed individually, several can be presented as a shorter production or all can be staged as a full evening of theatre.  The photos below are from initial productions staged at the Whitefire Theatre in Los Angeles:

Eve, from The Book of Genesis – The first woman experiences waking up in a garden to find herself helpmeet of a stranger.

Helen of Troy – Raised as a princess, Helen learns that she is a daughter of Zeus and finds herself the unwitting cause of a war.

Pope Joan – In the 9th century, a woman disguises herself as a monk to have access to books and education and is eventually elected Pope John VIII.

Artemisia Gentileschi – Daughter of a successful Baroque artist, Artemisia is raped by her father’s colleague at 17, endures a sensational trial and goes on to become a renowned painter.

Betsey Ross – Shunned by her parents for marrying outside her faith, she’s widowed two years later and survives by sewing uniforms, tents and flags for the continental army.

Sally Hemings – the half-sister of Thomas Jefferson’s wife, Sally becomes Jefferson’s slave through an inheritance, his sex partner at 14 and throughout her life bears him six children.

Falling Headlong

(4 men, 5 women, unit set) In an alternate present where the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, a fertility specialist beginning her career must negotiate new laws restricting abortion while caring for her patients. 90 minutes with intermission.

The Hourglass

(2 men, 2 women, one set) After a lab accident, a scientist finds that he can remember the future as he forgets the past. 90 minutes with intermission.

Impression: Sunrise

(2 men, 2 women, unit set) A fashion design student has a romance with a small-town photographer, but leaves him when offered an internship in New York. 90 minutes.

Squid and Fishy

(2 men, 1 woman, unit set) A punk couple living on New York’s Lower East Side deal with an unexpected pregnancy and a mysterious stranger. 45 minute one-act.

The Shoe

In this film noir parody of Cinderella, a gumshoe detective is hired to find a mysterious woman who lost her dress shoe after a charity ball. 15 minute one-act.


The Orchid and the Cross

In 9th century Europe, a woman living as a man rises through the ranks in the church and is elected The Pope. (Historical Drama)

Graduation Night

A group of friends celebrating their high-school graduation run afoul of a homicidal maniac rock star. (Thriller)

Hollywood and Mine

A movie star falls in love with a small-town girl but his agent, manager, publicist and ex-girlfriend conspire to bring him back to Hollywood. (Rom-Com)

Blue Lullaby

A down-on-his-luck saxophone player has an affair with a mysterious woman and later learns she had a baby that may be his. (Mystery/Romance)